Samaritan car

Samaritan car is a storage system for protective materials. There is a compartment space to hold apron, three different glove packages, mouthguards, shoe covers, and handsanitizer. The Samaritan car also has a trash can that is placed under the handsanitizer as an extra drip guard.

  • Samartian quality assures and structures protective materials, which reduces spilled material and makes it easier to find.
  • Durable and easy to clean.
  • Prevents possible spread of infection.
  • It is manufactured in Sweden  and design protected.

The product consists of a piece of polyethylene, and the pockets are sewn with durable elastic bands. The product may be cleaned in a washing machine at 60 celsius or wiped with a surface disinfectant.

Samaritan car measures 40 cm width and 100 cm length.

Note, protective material in the picture is not included in the product

710.00 kr